AeroTech is currently only accepting orders within the US.

The sale of 'G' motors and larger and all model and high power RMS reload kits to persons under 18 years of age is currently prohibited by federal law. Individuals must be 18 years of age to purchase high power hardware. Proof of age (such as a copy of a driver's license) must accompany all orders for 'G' and larger motors and all RMS reload kits. The consumer must be a current member in either the National Association of Rocketry or Tripoli Rocketry Association and be certified Level 1 (H,I), or Level 2 (J,K,L), or Level 3 (M,N,O) high power user, 18 years of age or older to purchase all high power reload kits.

Please note that orders requiring additional documentation cannot be shipped without a copy of a NAR or Tripoli Rocketry Association Level Certification card, or evidence (business license or purchase order on company or school letterhead) that you are a legitimate business or academic customer.

We do not recommend the alteration of any product from its original intended use.


IMPORTANT: Please read.

Due to extraordinary order volume this year, we are placing the following temporary fulfillment times on all orders placed. Additionally, we will not be accepting Rush Orders until further notice. Orders for rocket kits and RMS™ hardware: 6 to 8 weeks or sooner if possible. Orders for “A” type to “G” type rocket motors: 14 to 16 weeks or sooner if possible. Orders for “H” type to “O” type rocket motors: 20 to 25 weeks or sooner if possible.

Our overall business has increased tremendously over the past year and we are working very hard to catch up, including making huge investments in new capital equipment and personnel.  The Industrial Solid Propulsion (ISP) side of our business has also grown dramatically and has been pressed by current national security requirements.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we move forward with this process.  Our customers, dealers and distributors are the foundation of our business and we will continue to do everything possible, as quickly as we can, to return to normal and acceptable fulfillment times.  Again, thank you for your patience and understanding and for your continued support of the AeroTech/Quest product line.

AeroTech/Quest Executive Management & Customer Service Team